Our Top Race Shoes For Fall

The Fall Racing season is upon us! Whether you are racing a 5km, half marathon or full marathon, a dedicated racing shoe can help you achieve your race goals. Don’t get us wrong, following a proper training program is the foundation you will need to achieve your race goal, but a racing shoe can be your race day weapon to get you to your personal best.

The last few years racing shoe technology has come a long way with incredibly light and bouncy cushioning, carbon plates to make the shoes stiff and extra springy and forefoot rockers that help with a smooth, fast transition when your foot hits the ground. Marathon racing shoes have particularly gone through a revolution going from minimally cushioned and light racing flats to maximally cushioned shoes that provide an incredible amount of energy return in every stride. The carbon plate is  a new addition to racing shoes that help with both energy return and providing stiffness to encourage your feet to roll forward into the next string. While the cushioning in these shoes is great for providing energy return it will also help you feel better as you get closer to the finish line by absorbing more impact.

Check out our wide selection of racing shoes including the On-Running Cloudboom Echo, Saucony Endorphin Pro 2, Hoka Carbon X 2, Brooks Hyperion Elite 2, Hoka Rocket X, and the New Balance Fuel Cell TC. Shop our race shoe collection below or visit our race shoe page!


On Running Cloudboom Echo:

Meet the Cloudboom Echo. But you'll have to be quick because this explosive evolution doesn't hang around for long. Developed with their fastest runners, designed with our lightest materials for less weight and more performance. With grip reinforcements in all the right places even wet conditions can't slow you down. Enhanced cushioning means you'll be crushing records in complete comfort. Shop the On Running Cloudboom Echo. Available in Men's & Women's.


Saucony Endorphin Pro 2:

Your edge on race day. Born from speed, The Endorphin Pro 2 was designed to help you step up your race pace, one step at a time. A superior fit and more heel support mean you can keep your eye on the finish line. And with our ultralight PWRRUN PB and a carbon fiber plate, there's no doubt you'll get there faster than ever before. Shop Saucony Endorphin Pro 2. Available in Men's & Women's.


Hoka Carbon X 2:

Positioned as an endurance racer, the Carbon X2 delivers the same propulsive speed as its predecessor in an adaptable silhouette geared for training and racing alike. Engineered with a responsive, carbon fiber plate and aggressive Meta-Rocker, this performance shoe is a formidable competitor. The epitome of longrange weaponry, the Carbon X2 pairs softer, lighter foam with the same rubberized foam outsole as the last iteration. Get ready for an inherently soft, stable and responsive ride. Shop Hoka Carbon X 2. Available in Men's & Women's in various colours.


Brooks Hyperion Elite 2:

Ready to race? The ultralight Hyperion Elite 2 is Brooks fastest shoe and keeps you in your preferred motion path, allowing you to run faster for longer. Shop Brooks Hyperion Elite 2. Available in Unisex sizing.


Hoka Rocket X:

The latest mark of HOKA innovation in lightweight, cushioned footwear, Rocket X is an unprecedented performance shoe. A groundbreaking midsole combines responsive agility with soft, forgiving landing, and contains a carbon fiber plate designed for maximal stride efficiency. Launch off the line with Rocket X.
Shop Hoka Rocket X. Available in Unisex sizing in various colours.


New Balance Fuelcell TC:

Engineered to meet the demands of training and competition runs alike, our dynamic FuelCell TC women's running shoe combines a fast and fierce feel with impressive durability. A FuelCell midsole delivers a high rebound, complemented by a full-length internal carbon fibre plate to help provide an engaging ride. Shop New Balance Fuelcell TC. Available in Men's & Women's.