A place to socialize after a run, hike or walk

The in-store taproom will offer a wide assortment of craft beer, wine, kombucha, cider and coffee. It will serve as the meeting grounds of our store community and store events. It will be a place to gather and socialize with friends, meet up for a run, or top off a run with a delicious ontario craft beer. 

While the taproom will be a focal point for many BackRoads events and social runs, the taproom can also be booked for group, team or work parties and gatherings. 

BackRoads Hops

It is only natural that two backroad runners in southwestern Ontario have a passion for agriculture. Since the store taproom will be serving local craft beer we want to supply craft breweries with hops. One of our goals is to one day serve beer on tap that has been brewed with hops grown on our farm.

Our first year of growing Cascade and Centennial hops in 2017 was successful. The first year plants grew bigger and taller than expected and both varieties produced hops. Other than picking a few hops by hand we left the plants on the twine to ensure the plants establish the best they can. We will harvest the second year Cascade and Centennial plants this year.

This summer we completed a very large expansion of our hopyard from 1 acre to 10 acres. We now have the following varieties:






Triple Pearl


Heritge Hop! (found near Emily's Oma and Opa's hunting camp in the Ottawa Valley).