Tips & Gear for Running at Night

It is that time of year when our prime running times are in the early morning and the evenings at night. When running in the dark you should think about your safety and how you will be visible to vehicles on the road. Below are a few tips we have for running in the dark to help keep you safe:

  • If you have to run on the road, always run facing traffic so you can see the vehicles as they approach you.
  • Try to run in lit areas that have street lights.
  • Bring your phone with you in case of emergency, especially if running alone.
  • Assume that cars don’t see you and be sure to get out of their way — assume the worst of drivers.
  • When crossing a road check your “blind spot” if there is a car that may be turning right onto the road you are about to cross. Also, check if there is a car about to make a left hand turn. If there is a car turning left or right, make sure they see you or stop for them to complete their turn.
  • Wear gear that has reflectivity and have a light vest or head lamp. Both reflective gear and gear with lights will help make you seen.

We have you covered from head to toe with reflective gear. Starting with your feet be sure to explore the Saucony VIZIPRO Collection and the On Cloudmonster Lumos. The Saucony VIZIPRO collection offers eye catching bright colours and reflective logos that can't be missed. The Cloudmonster Lumos is loaded with reflectivity features so your moving feet can be seen when on the run.

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For reflective running apparel check out the Brooks Run Visible Collection and the On Cloud Lumos Collection. The Brooks run visible collection uses unique florescent and high contrasting colours to perform even in those little to no light-scenarios. The On Cloud Lumos collection is ultralight and uses standout reflective detailing.

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Headwear and neckwear can also have reflective details such as the Ciele caps and toques and Buff neckwear & headwear. Even though these are smaller items, they add more to your visibility and come in handy when you don't have anything else reflective on.

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Another option is to have a light vest that acts both like car headlights so you can be seen and also helps lighten the ground in-front of you. Check out the ViziVest by GetVizy that has a both a 200 lumen chest light and colourful illuminating tubes that go around your shoulders. Nathan’s Laser Light Vest is also a great option for 360 degree visibility also using illuminating fibre optic tubes.

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Stay safe when running in the dark and make sure you can be seen!

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