Trail Running Tips & Tricks

Trail running is an exciting adventure that gets you off the urban roads and onto softer surfaces for a different kind of challenge. On the trails you get to conquer many obstacles that may appear on your journey from rocks and roots, steep up and down hills, water crossings… the possibilities are almost endless when trail running. We asked two of our awesome race team trail runners for some tips to help you navigate the rugged trails:

  • For new trail runners, don’t worry about your pace, you will almost certainly be slower on the trails than on the roads as you twist and turn and adjust your stride based on the roots and rocks.

  • Tell a trusted friend where and when you are going trail running and bring a phone with you in case of an emergency. (This is probably a good tip for any time you go running, especially when on your own.)

  • When doing an Ultra trail race, focus on eating foods that are friendly for your stomach. Staying well fueled is important for the ups and downs of trail running.

  • When racing it is hard not to love a good aid station!  Usually it’s recommended to give high fives and smiles to all those amazing volunteers out there who are taking the time to be there for YOU on race day.  But, don’t stay long at the aid stations…’re running a race, right?

  • Having proper trail running shoes and gear is recommended, especially when doing longer distances on the trails. Proper gear will help to keep you from falling and will allow you to comfortably carry all the necessary fuel and hydration and other supplies you need.

  • Sometimes really unexpected things happen on the trails and on race day.  That’s why it’s really important to get outside and train with the gear and nutrition you plan to use.  What works for one runner might not work for you.  You will learn what works for you with more experience running on the trails.

  • If you are training for a trail race, it is important to do a good chunk of your training on the trails. This will get you more accustomed to running trails and prepared for race day.

  • Lastly, attitude is everything! Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy the natural beauty of the trails.